Morning Cup of Links: TV Dads We Love (and Hate)

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The All-Time Best (And Worst) TV Dads. Your dad stacks up pretty well against these.
14 Research-Proven Ways To Boost Brain Power. Several of these can be fulfilled by reading mental_floss.
The Discovery Channel's popular video I Love the World gets the video game treatment from College Humor. Silliness ensues.
How To Visit a Secret Nuclear Bunker. Sharon Weinberger and Nathan Hodge came this close to attending Facilities Managers Conference at the secret Raven Rock Mountain Complex.
Summer recreation tips from Forecast Earth. Forest fires aren't all that bad, but you don't want to start one.
Two elderly people with dementia fall in love in an assisted-living facility. Should they be "allowed" to have sex? And who has the right to decide?
Extreme Sports Destinations. Great ideas for a summer vacation, or  vicarious adventures to enjoy in the safety of your computer screen.

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June 11, 2008 - 10:33pm
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