Morning Cup of Links: Recognizing Incompetence

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Most incompetent people can't recognize that they are incompetent. Doesn't that make you just a little nervous?
10 Geeky Tricks for Getting Out of Bed in the Morning. Now I'm looking forward to tips on getting out of bed in the afternoon. (via the Presurfer)
Can you hear the "mosquito frequency" in the Teenager Audio Test? Be warned that it gives some people headaches, but I can't hear it at all.
Rabbits are shy and gentle animals, but there are always exceptions. This one won't take a backseat to anyone!
The art of handwriting is dying out. No one seems to care enough to mourn its passing, she types.
The Science Behind Your TV Sound System. Be careful how fast you adjust your settings!
Six Unexpected Uses For Animal Dung. Is there anything that we won't research for you?

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February 26, 2009 - 11:09pm
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