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Mike Schlossberg

Mike Schlossberg is a Pennsylvania State Representative who also works as a 

Caitlin Schneider


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Dana Schwartz

Dana Schwartz is a writer and comedian, graduating from Brown University in 2015.

Anne Schweitzer

Anne Schweitzer is a publicist in the City of St. Louis, splitting her free time between outdoor adventures and indoor cats.

Jon Seder

Jon Seder is a writer, artist, graphic designer and recent Brooklyn expatriate who now happily lives in Maine.

Streeter Seidell

Streeter Seidell is the front page editor of and co-author of the site's first book, The CollegeHumor Guide to College.

Jake Seiner

Jake Seiner writes about Minor League Baseball for, and has previously written for the Associated Press and Boston Globe.

Rachel Semigran

Rachel is an East Coast native and a total Anglophile.

Maggie Shafer

Freelance writer and head of expansion at bulb - a social network for sharing knowledge - living in Colorado.

Leah Shaffer

Leah Shaffer is a freelance writer covering education and science. She enjoys both good beer and good beards.

Bud Shaw

Bud Shaw is a columnist for The Cleveland Plain-Dealer who has also written for the Philadelphia Daily News, San Diego Union-Tribune, Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The National.

Karl Smallwood

Karl is a British theoretical media graduate trying to make it in the world as a writer. If you're reading this, he's probably not doing half bad. To see his work, Google him.

Ben Smith

Ben Smith is a Software Engineering major entering his junior year this fall at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Emily Anna Smith

Emily Anna Smith is a southern librarian in the Big Apple. She blogs and tweets about the Oscar red carpet. Follow her @oscarscloset.

Camille Smith Platt

A former editor with Christian Family Publications, Camille Smith Platt is a freelance writer based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Eric D Snider

Eric D. Snider has been a writer since childhood, a film critic since 1999, and a beard wearer since 2008.

Megan Snyder

Megan Snyder is a writer, editor, and runner from Ohio.

Erik Sofge

Erik is a technology, science and culture writer based in Massachusetts.

Matt Soniak

Matt is a long-time mental_floss regular and writes about science, history, etymology and Bruce Springsteen for both the website and the print magazine.

Paul Sorene

Paul Sorene is the Anorak. He survives on donations and the tolerance of Old Mr Anorak, his patron. Paul is hawked out to various media outlets whenever OMA is low on supplies.

Jamie Spatola

Jamie Spatola is a 2004 graduate of Duke University, where she majored in English and minored in Linguistics. She subsequently earned an M.B.A.

Ashlie Stevens

Ashlie Stevens is a freelance writer based in Louisville, Kentucky.

Chris Stokel-Walker

Chris Stokel-Walker inherited a desire to pick up trivia from both his father and maternal grandfather. Where there’s a story, there’s a fact to be stored in memory for unveiling on a rainy day.