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Morning Cup of Links


Move Quickly to Get an Amazon Apple Watch Bargain

Smart Shopping Team

Amazon's Deal of the Day is a must-grab if you're looking for an Apple Watch.

Listen to a Cheery Holiday Song Written by an AI Program

Michele Debczak

This likely won't become a Christmas classic.

31 Things You Didn't Know about Holiday Songs

Alvin Ward

The singer of "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" might sound old, but that is Brenda Lee—who was 13 years old at the time.

Cat-Opoly Lets You Buy Cats Instead of Railroads

Rebecca OConnell

The best purroperty buying game on the market.

11 Brilliant Gifts for the Star Wars Fan in Your Life

Jake Rossen

Check out the newest, best options in the galaxy.

Morning Cup of Links: Microwave Memories

Miss Cellania

Get your hot links right here!

Introducing a 'Back to the Future'-Inspired Wall Charger

Kirstin Fawcett

Great Scott!

5 Questions: Mmm, More Cookies!

Pass rate:75 %
Backwards navigation:Forbidden

Flip Through the Solar System With a 360° Earth and Moon Book

Shaunacy Ferro

With 'Earth and the Moon' by Yusuke Oono, you can flip through space.

10 Extreme Adventures You Can Have in Antarctica

Suzanne Raga

1. Run 26.2 miles in the Antarctic Ice Marathon.

The Legal Reason Why Public Christmas Displays Often Feature At Least One Reindeer

Shaunacy Ferro

When government buildings start celebrating the winter holidays, things can get complicated.

The Eccentric Life of Lord Walter Rothschild and the Blackmail Behind One of the World's Biggest Bird Collections

Claire Cock-Starkey

Lord Walter Rothschild tamed zebras, rode giant tortoises, and was blackmailed for years by a mysterious woman.

11 Stuffed Toys for the Geek in Your Life

Rebecca OConnell

Cuddle up with a blobfish.

European Flying Car Company Receives $10 Million Investment

Michele Debczak

They claim their technology is safer, cheaper, and cleaner than the competition.