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Dolphins’ Snot May Be Essential to Their Communication

Kate Horowitz

A father-and-son scientist team say the animals may need mucus to produce their signature clicks.

Retrobituaries: Michio Kushi, Natural Foods Pioneer

Suzanne Raga

The natural foods movement of the 1960s and 1970s ushered in a new way of eating—and one of its pioneers was Michio Kushi.

4 Fascinating Facts About John Wayne

Stacy Conradt

There was much more to the Duke than that famous swagger.

Does LSD Induce Synesthesia?

Jordan Rosenfeld

What LSD users experience is probably not genuine synesthesia, but it may open a door to greater understanding of how we process sensory perceptions.

10 Kind of Blue Facts About Miles Davis

Roger Cormier

The legendary musician, who said he "changed music five or six times," would have been 90 years old today.

Should You Tip When Getting Takeout?

Jake Rossen

Does not sitting down equal no tip?

Over 31,000 'Dancing Grannies' Set a World Record in China

Michele Debczak

The synchronized dance spanned six cities.

Hear Sir David Attenborough Reflect on His Prolific Career

Caitlin Schneider

At 90, the naturalist and TV host shows no sign of slowing down.

10 Facts About Cassowaries

Mark Mancini

All birds are living dinosaurs, but the dagger-clawed cassowary especially looks the part.

Watch a Gutenberg Printing Press in Action

Anna Green

The Crandall Printing Museum demonstrates how the Gutenberg press actually operated.

Finally, a Machine That Will Pet and Feed You and Your Dog

Andrew LaSane

Even better: your pooch can return the love.

5 Questions: La-La-La

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3D-Printed Hair Is Even Cooler Than It Sounds

Kate Horowitz

It can mimic all of hair’s natural abilities and more.

The Vulturepocalpyse Is Coming, and It’s Bad News

Anna Nowogrodzki

Ecosystems and humans alike rely on vultures, and not only because otherwise we'd be knee-deep in carcasses.

Morning Cup of Links: The Real Peter Rabbit

Miss Cellania

Links for everyone!