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Super 8 Hotels Held a Gallery Show for Its Mediocre Wall Decor

Shaunacy Ferro

The company recently remodeled 1800 of its budget hotels, and sent out its former art in style.

Try Not to Squirm While Watching This Video About Dust Mites

Alvin Ward

The humble dust mite happens to have a taste for your skin.

Cary Grant's Former Palm Springs Home Is On the Market

Anna Green

If you’ve always dreamed of living like a legendary Hollywood movie star, it’s time to place a bid on the Cary Grant Estate in Palm Springs, California.

Zapping Your Brain May Enhance Creativity

Jordan Rosenfeld

It could increase the brain's ability to make new connections across "distant" ideas.

Retrobituaries: Alaska Davidson, First Female FBI Special Agent

Suzanne Raga

She was hired in 1922, but after J. Edgar Hoover got his way, the Bureau wouldn’t see any more female special agents until the 1970s.

A Pot of This Rare Chinese Tea Costs $10,000

Kirstin Fawcett

Da Hong Pao is a dark strain of oolong that grows in the Wuyi Mountains.

7 Books That Will (Probably) Never Be Printed Again

Jake Rossen

Unless you're willing to spend hundreds of dollars at used bookstores, these titles won't be part of your library anytime soon.

This Smart Mirror Will Track Your Fitness Progress

Anna Green

Naked 3D Fitness Tracker gives whole new purpose to staring at yourself in the mirror.

KFC: Now Serving Chicken-Flavored Nail Polish

Mental Floss UK

Yes, it’s finger lickin’ good.

Dancing Can Be a Pain Reliever, Study Finds

Jake Rossen

Yet another reason to get your groove on.

Google Is Using Romance Novels to Teach Its AI Conversation Skills

Anna Green

Google is turning to romance novels to make its artificial intelligence engine a little more human.

5 Actors Who Have Quit Movies After Backlash

Rebecca Pahle

Definitive proof that all publicity is not good publicity.

The National Park Service Is Looking for LA Volunteers to Pick Up Coyote Poop

Shaunacy Ferro

The program is part of an effort to track and understand urban coyote populations.

This Sleek Modular House Is Made From Cardboard

Kirstin Fawcett

It's not just for packaging anymore.

UK Companies Introduce 'Pawternity Leave' for Pet Owners

Andrew LaSane

The policy will allow pet owners to take a couple hours, days, or even weeks off—as needed—to care for their sick companions.