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How Harry Truman's Daughter Inspired a Wesley Snipes Movie

Stacy Conradt

Margaret Truman Daniel had a flair for murder mysteries.

8 Archaeological Treasures Found in Poop

Livius Drusus

Among its many fine qualities, human waste gives archaeologists a wealth of information about people's daily lives.

Experts Say Infants Should Sleep in Their Parents’ Rooms for at Least Six Months

Kate Horowitz

16 Adorable Halloween Costumes for Non-Traditional Pets

Miss Cellania

Everyone can dress up for Halloween—even snakes!

Drought Disrupts Fall Foliage

Dennis Mersereau

Months of below-normal rainfall can have a big impact on how much color shows up in the trees.

A Smelly Bike Locks Drives Thieves Away By Making Them Vomit

Shaunacy Ferro

If someone does try to steal your bike, they're in for a horrifying surprise.

Introducing an Online Video Channel Designed to Bore Viewers to Sleep

Kirstin Fawcett

For entertainment, watch Netflix. For catching some z's, tune into Napflix.

5 Tips for Loving Your Weekdays as Much as Your Weekends

Danielle Braff

What's the Difference Between Fuel and Propellant?


Drug-Dispensing Contact Lens Eases Glaucoma Symptoms

Jordan Rosenfeld

Two researchers at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Boston Children’s Hospital recently designed a contact lens that delivers medication directly to the eye.

Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, or Charles Dickens?

Take the quiz!

You've Got To See Monday's Best Amazon Deals

Smart Shopping Team

As a recurring feature, our team combs the Web and shares some amazing Amazon deals we’ve turned up. Here’s what caught our eye today, October 24.

9 Unexpected Reuses for Coffins

Allison C Meier

When it comes to recycling, why let cans and bottles have all the fun?

3-Mile-Deep Well in Iceland Will Harness Energy From Magma

Michele Debczak

The well will reach temperatures as hot as 1800°F.

Buy a McMansion Designed by Vanilla Ice

Shaunacy Ferro

And they'll throw in a boat for free.