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This High School Student Has Created a Device to Help Parkinson's Patients

Caitlin Schneider

What started as a science fair project is now a Kickstarter-funded product.

25 Things You Should Know About Rochester

Mark Mancini

Learn more about the Flower City. (Or is it the Flour City?)

What Is El Niño, and Why Does It Have Such a Big Impact?

Dennis Mersereau

Everything is connected.

12 Magical Facts About 'Peter Pan'

Stacy Conradt

It may be officially old enough to retire, but Walt Disney’s Peter Pan has never grown up.

What If Rickrolling Is Just Karmic Retribution For Rick Astley Not Getting To Celebrate His One Major Award?

Erika Berlin

Happy 50th birthday, Rick Astley!

Valentine’s Day Cards for Chemistry Geeks

Shaunacy Ferro

Won't you be amine?

The First U.S.-Minted Penny Was Horrific

Chris Higgins

Lincoln's mug has nothing on this.

The World's Most Accurate Clock Has No Hands

Bess Lovejoy

You can thank this thing for your GPS.

This Fun Supercut Imagines Movies Ending at Their Title Drop

Andrew LaSane

When a character says the name of the film, it's time to roll the credits.

These Tactile Picture Books Help Blind Kids Learn to Read

Michele Debczak

Titles include 'Noah's Ark,' 'Goodnight Moon,' and 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar.'

Turn The Tables On Telemarketers With This Extremely Patient Robot

Anna Green

Roger Anderson of The Jolly Roger Telephone Company was so sick of telemarketers, he created a robot to deal with them.

Rare Snow Rollers Form Across Idaho

Kirstin Fawcett

The frosty formations only form in very precise weather conditions.

An Erased Nude Was Discovered in Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebook

Michele Debczak

We're still finding surprises in the notebooks he left behind.

College Students Can Now Play Video Games For Tuition

Anna Green

In addition to bragging rights, Blizzard Entertainment now offers college tuition money to winning teams who compete in 'StarCraft II,' 'Hearthstone,' or 'Heroes of the Storm.

Spend Some Time With These African American Cookbooks From History

Shaunacy Ferro

A new book covers the often overlooked contributions of black cooks and chefs to American cuisine.