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Reworded Christmas Carols

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Upgrade Your Cookware With This Amazon All-Clad Bargain

Smart Shopping Team

Looking for an easy upgrade to your culinary arsenal? Amazon has a great one today.

Young Toddlers Know When You’re Lying, Say Scientists

Kate Horowitz

Time for a new parenting strategy.

10 Classic Movies You Can See in Theaters This Month

Jennifer M Wood

December is a very good month for movie lovers.

Kings Cross Celebrates the Holidays With a Tree Trapped in 'Ice'

Michele Debczak

The 23-foot-tall installation weighs over two tons.

9 Ways Science Helps Catch Counterfeit Art


It’s estimated that anywhere from 2 to 50 percent of art in museums and on the market are counterfeits.

Wrap Presents in a Flash Using This Japanese Department Store Technique

Rebecca OConnell

Santa's elves will have nothing on you.

11 Brilliant Gifts for the Reader in Your Life

Kirstin Fawcett

These creative, literary-themed products celebrate the written word.

Morning Cup of Links: 'Rocky' at 40

Miss Cellania

Starting another week of great morning links!

9 Incredible Things You Can Only See in Northern Canada

Suzanne Raga

Including an igloo cathedral.

Crying When We're Happy May Help Us Regulate Our Emotions

Kirstin Fawcett

Some good news for those of us who sob during cheesy commercials.

5 Questions: Mmm, Cookies!

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Environmental Groups Use Dogs to Sniff Out Poop-y Pollution in New Jersey

Shaunacy Ferro

The dogs are helping the city of Fair Haven, New Jersey find where human waste is leaking into the waterways.

Amazon Will Open a Grocery Store With No Checkout Lines

Jake Rossen

All the fun of shoplifting with none of the legal trouble.

America's Oldest Mall Now Houses Micro-Apartments

Chris Higgins

...And the waiting list to get one is a mile long.