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11 Fascinating Facts About 'Mad Max'

Tara Aquino

We're revisiting George Miller’s full-throttle ‘Mad Max’ franchise.

McDonald’s Introduces Red and Green Burgers in China

Rudie Obias

No word on whether customers are lovin’ it.

Declassified Photos Show the Early Days of Soviet Rocket Testing

Shaunacy Ferro

One of Russia's oldest missile testing sites just turned 70.

Artist Creates Illustrations Inspired by Snack Foods

Andrew LaSane

This is a creative way to turn snack time into a fun and productive exercise.

New Digitization Project Offers a Peek at Thousands of Historical Beauty Products

Bess Lovejoy

Remember Farrah Fawcett shampoo?

The United States Bans E-Cigarettes in Checked Luggage

Anna Green

It’s now illegal to pack your e-cigarette in your checked luggage or charge an e-cigarette aboard an aircraft.

The Minimum Income It Takes to Live in Each State

Anna Green

See the living wage in every U.S. state.

Retrobituaries: Lincoln Perry, the First African American Movie Star

Suzanne Raga

Using the stage name Stepin Fetchit, Perry was also the first black actor to become a millionaire—but today, his legacy is controversial.

What 7 Wedding Dress Codes Really Mean

Kat Rosenfield

What's the difference between black tie, cocktail, and semi-formal?

Look Up! 'Once in a Blue Moon' Happens for Real on May 21

David W Brown

It's not often that you can tilt your neck a mere 15 degrees and learn something new, so here is your big chance.

Cards Against Humanity Names First STEM Scholarship Winner

Kate Horowitz

Engineering student Sona Dadhania won a full scholarship for the rest of her undergraduate career.

Impressionist Sings Adele's "Hello" as Disney and Pixar Characters

Andrew LaSane

In less than 5 minutes, Hull brings out a familiar cast of characters.

Burger King Tried to Settle McDonald's Beef with a McWhopper

Jake Rossen

It was an idea too delicious for this world.

11 Rapid-Fire Facts About 'The Untouchables'

Jake Rossen

While much of the film was fictional, Al Capone taking a baseball bat to a rival was based on bloody fact.

English Nonprofit Will Preserve WWI Conscientious Objectors' Jail Graffiti

Shaunacy Ferro

The Richmond 16 were imprisoned in England in 1916 for refusing to aid the war effort.