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How the Global Bird-Poop Trade Created a Traveling Mummy Craze

Kristina Killgrove

Bird poop has been a favored fertilizer for centuries—and, it turns out, is an excellent preserver of human flesh.

This Ingenious Snow Shovel Design Makes Clearing Your Driveway a Breeze

Kirstin Fawcett

The Snow Wolf is designed to reduce your risk of injury while clearing your driveway.

Doctors Find a Tiny Brain Growing Inside a Teenager's Ovary

Kate Horowitz

Japanese surgeons spotted the teratoma while performing a routine appendectomy.

8 Simple Ways to Speed Up Your Smartphone

Rudie Obias

Much like computers, smartphones can start to slow down after years, or even months, of use.

Amazon Fresh and More Online Grocers Will Soon Accept Food Stamps

Jake Rossen

Residents of select states will soon be able to pay for Amazon Fresh and other services with government assistance.

What Makes the Center of Ice Cubes White?


Blame it on oxygen.

Librarian Creates Fake Patron to Keep Books on Shelves

Michele Debczak

The fictional "Chuck Finley" checked out 2361 books last year.

'Dumpster Fire' and 4 Other Words of the Year Chosen by The American Dialect Society

Arika Okrent

These words capture the zeitgeist of 2016 in a variety of categories.

A 3300-Pound Flying Car Could Evacuate People Remotely

Shaunacy Ferro

The drone, scheduled to be released in 2020, just had its first test flight.

10 Years Ago Today, Steve Jobs Announced the iPhone

Kirstin Fawcett

Time to reminisce about your first smartphone.

You Don't Want to Miss Monday's Top Amazon Deals

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping Team...

The Latest Home-Brewing Concept From Keurig: Boozy K-Cups

Michele Debczak

Beer will be the next beverage to get the pod treatment.

Can You Find the Missing 'E' Word?

Take the quiz!

15 Facts About Maggots

Autumn Spanne

Maggot therapy is making a comeback.

Canada Has Been Hiding Cadbury Oreo Eggs From Us

Shaunacy Ferro

Come April, make a run for the Canadian border.