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Steven Spielberg's Original Plan for 'Jaws 2'

Jake Rossen

For a single weekend, the director seriously considered taking over the sequel—and he was going to take a page from history.

Scientists Estimate Earth Is Home to One Trillion Microbial Species

Kate Horowitz

Researchers say only 1/1000th of 1 percent have been identified to date.

10 Fateful Facts About ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’

Garin Pirnia

Ethan Embry doesn't know, or care, what his character's letter said.

Why Do Brood V Cicadas Spend 17 Years Underground?

Matt Soniak

Periodical cicadas have had scientists scratching their heads for centuries.

Here's Why Confetti Is So Terrible for Video Quality

Michele Debczak

There's a reason why confetti makes everything a pixelated mess.

Don’t Have a Garden? Regrow Vegetables in Your Kitchen

Caitlin Schneider

Here's a good reason to avoid ditching those veggie scraps.

5 Facts About the Trickiness of Weather Forecasting

Dennis Mersereau

Combat Juggling Is Not Your Average Full-Contact Sport

Anna Green

Combat jugglers attempt to knock or steal each other’s pins out of the air and generally sabotage each other’s juggling.

Watch This Competitive Eater Down a Giant Bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Andrew LaSane

This would get you through a couple of Saturday mornings.

5 Questions: It's a "Mystery"

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This Summer, Treat Yourself With Neko Atsume Cookies

Rebecca OConnell

You don't even have to shell out for frisky bits.

11 Old Words for the Single- or Narrow-Minded

Mark Peters

We all know people who have tunnel vision. Here are some words you can use to describe them.

Morning Cup of Links: Genetic Experiments

Miss Cellania

Get your hot links here!

6 Televised Musical Performances That Caused a Stir

Nick Keppler

When the free-spirited world of music collides with the highly controlled, advertiser-driven world of television.

Who Was Old King Cole? (And Why Was He Such A Merry Old Soul?)

Paul Anthony Jones

No matter how fine his fiddlers’ fiddles might have been, and no matter how merry the king himself may have been, one question remains: Who on earth was Old King Cole?