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The Missing Links: Happy TED Talks

Colin Patrick

How San Francisco Is Using Lasers as an Urban Planning Tool

Michele Debczak

Market Street is about to get showered with millions of lasers.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Pays Homage to Abe Lincoln, the Science Guy

Kate Horowitz

Neil deGrasse Tyson reflects on Lincoln’s contributions to science in a speech commemorating the Gettysburg Address.

Facebook Will Now Offer to Untag You From All Those Pictures With Your Ex

Shaunacy Ferro

Facebook has introduced new tools for changing your social media experience after a relationship goes south.

15 Cool and Unusual Scarves to Keep You Warm

Rebecca OConnell

It's officially scarf weather so it's time to bundle up!

Match the Word With Its Definition

Take the quiz!

Reliving the Horror of Magic Potty Baby

Jake Rossen

How the urinating doll industry went too far.

Patient Stem Cells Might One Day Restore Thyroid Function

Jordan Rosenfeld

Delta Will No Longer Checking Pets as Cargo Luggage

Kirstin Fawcett

But they can still travel in the main cabin.

11 Stunning Bridges From Around the World

Kristy Puchko

These structures are far more than functional—they're awe-inspiring works of art.

Astronomers Are Watching a Planet Form for the First Time

Michele Debczak

Welcome to the universe, little planet!

24-Carat-Gold-Wrapped Kit Kat Bars Will Be Sold in Japan This Holiday Season

Andrew LaSane

The limited edition bars celebrate a milestone for Japan's Kit Kat Chocolatory stores.

The ‘Blue Dragon’ Is Real, and It’s Spectacular

Kate Horowitz

The sea slug Glaucus atlanticus is beautiful, deadly, and strange.

10 Not-So-Scary Facts About ‘Monsters, Inc.’

Tara Aquino

It’s the Pixar movie that calmed kids’ monster-in-the-closet fears.

Are Elephants Actually Scared of Mice?

Mark Mancini

Is there truth to the cartoon trope?