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Welcome To Xuenshanshe Village, Population: One

Caitlin Schneider

Liu Shengjia has been the only resident for about a decade.

10 Things People Thought Lived Inside Their Bodies

Livius Drusus

The human body is full of weird, gross and awe-inspiring stuff as we know it—but for people who lived when ideas were unbound by strict anatomical correctness, it was even more so.

Watch Rare HD Footage of New York City in 1993

Anna Green

Touring iconic New York City landmarks, the video shows how the Big Apple has changed over the last few decades.

LEGO Has Crafted a Perfect Porsche Replica

Andrew LaSane

Not exactly a kid's play set.

These Wooden Rings Hold Tiny Landscapes

Rebecca OConnell

Tiny little worlds trapped in resin that you can wear around your finger.

9 Historical Figures Whose Names Became Commonly Used Words

Katharine Merow

It’s a “Freudian slip.” And “Euclidean geometry.” The capitalization on such adjectives leaves little doubt that each was derived from a proper noun and not some lowly Latin root word.

Morning Cup of Links: Soldiers in Disguise

Miss Cellania

Great links to start a great morning!

Musician Instagrams Amazing Shots of Hummingbirds in Her Backyard

Kirstin Fawcett

Just call Tracy Johnson the "bird whisperer."

10 of America's Most Celebrated Restaurants for Prime Rib

Suzanne Raga

In honor of National Prime Rib Day, here are a few restaurants where premium beef is always what's for dinner.

How Shannon Xinjing Lee is Turning Eggplants Into Electrocatalysts

the mag

Here's what led her to this groundbreaking discovery.

8 Simple Tips to Get Your Security Deposit Back

Presented by Allstate.

Why Do We Forget What We’re Doing the Minute We Enter a Room?

Kate Horowitz

Experiencing the Doorway Effect is actually a sign that your brain is in fine working order.

How a 10-Year-Old Helped Ease Cold War Tensions

Stacy Conradt

Samantha Smith, a 10-year-old from Maine, wrote a short letter that had a huge impact.

Sheepdog Travels 240 Miles To Find His Family

Anna Green

A homesick sheepdog in the UK has travelled 240 miles to find his original owners.

You Can Order the Script for 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'

Rebecca OConnell

... but it won't arrive until after the movie comes out, spoiler seekers.