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Where is Old Zealand?

Nick Greene

Old Mexico is Mexico. Old York is York. But where is Old Zealand?

Interactive Map Reveals Commutes Across the United States

Anna Green

How does yours stack up?

Watch the World's First Surviving Septuplets Graduate High School

Kirstin Fawcett

The McCaughey siblings have come a long way.

China To Develop a Bus That Straddles Traffic

Michele Debczak

It carries 1400 passengers while cars cruise underneath.

Rare 'Werewolf Cat' Discovered in South Africa

Kirstin Fawcett

The kitten is the 35th known cat to have ever spontaneously developed the genetic mutation that causes its patchy fur.

New Study Investigates Why We Hate Digital Assistants Like Clippy

Anna Green

According to a recent study, most of us really don't like receiving help from anthropomorphized digital assistants.

Facebook Will Now Let You Livestream All Day Long

Andrew LaSane

The former 90-minute time limit has been extended to a full 24 hours.

In South Korea, There's an Ice Cream That Can Cure a Hangover

Rudie Obias

Who needs Gatorade when there’s the Gyeondyo-bar?

This License Plate Cover Doubles as a Collision Warning System

Rudie Obias

Beep! Beep! Beep!

85-Year-Old Graduate Receives Her Associate Degree

Michele Debczak

A four-year degree is next on her agenda.

Jurors Could One Day Explore Crime Scenes in Virtual Reality

Anna Green

Experiments with virtual reality headsets, green screens, laser scanning and more might one day help jurors piece together evidence.

The 15 Fastest Growing Cities in America

Andrew LaSane

You want to be where the people (and potential jobs) are? Consider moving to one of these burgeoning cities.

Gymnasts Could Soon Be Judged by Lasers

Jake Rossen

High-level athletes may not have to rely on subjective human evaluation for much longer.

10 Festive Facts About ‘Santa Claus Conquers the Martians’

Mark Mancini

An abducted St. Nick spreads holiday cheer all over the Red Planet in this so-bad-it's-good sci-fi comedy from 1964.

South American Earthworms Build Enormous Mounds of Poop

Kate Horowitz

The massive mounds lie across the wetlands like huge green polka dots.