10 Things You Should Know About Spanish Moss

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Spanish moss is not only beautiful, but interesting.

See the Amazing Photography of a Pioneering Vulcanologist

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Tempest Anderson was an eye surgeon by trade, but a volcano-chaser by passion.

Fossilized Pterosaur Potentially Yields Prehistoric Poop

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The rare find can help scientists understand more about dinosaur diets.

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Make the perfect drink and become a Jedi.

15 Fab Facts About ‘Help!’

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The Beatles’ second brush with Hollywood stardom happened 50 years ago.

First Blue Whale Heart Ever Preserved Is the Size of a Golf Cart

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It will be on display at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Don't Panic About the Plague

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Several cases have been confirmed in the American West. But plague makes an appearance in the U.S.—and worldwide—every year.

Hemingway's Recipe for Fillet of Lion

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The author liked to hunt big game. He also liked to eat it.

Solitaire Cards That Look Like They Were Ripped Right Off the Computer Screen

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It seems like we have come full circle with playing cards.

6 Reviews of Bruce Springsteen's 'Born to Run' on its 40th Anniversary

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"You owe it to yourself to buy this record."

Thirsty at the Office? Watch This 1951 Ad for Coca-Cola in the Workplace

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America's favorite soft drink, “Not only at play, but also at work—on the job!”

The Man Who Was Fired From The Beatles

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50 years later, and Pete Best still isn't entirely sure why he got cut from the greatest band of all time.

Everything You Need to Know to Get Caught Up With Superman Comics

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Where Do the Days of the Week Get Their Names?

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What does Sunday have to do with the sun? What's a Satur or Tues?

15 Things You Might Not Know About ‘The Blue Boy’

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The Blue Boy has been using his defiant stare and unique fashion sense to transfix viewers for centuries.