1936 Map of the Dogs of All Nations

Arika Okrent

There Is a Video Game Where You Just Take Care of Succulents

Shaunacy Ferro

Viridi is sort of like a Tamagotchi for gardening.

The World’s Top 20 Languages—And The Words English Has Borrowed From Them

Paul Anthony Jones

The most-spoken languages and their influences on English.

What It's Like To Record the Audiobook Version of 'Infinite Jest'

Nick Greene

There's a tiny fellowship of people who know how difficult it is to sit in a room and read 'Infinite Jest' out loud.

The Real-Life Operation That Works Like 'Operation'

Jake Rossen

If a surgeon gets too close to delicate nerves in the throat, an alarm goes off. (But no one's nose lights up.)

Get to Know the Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Jessica Coen the mag

Get to know the fussy, controversial, and utterly delicious Windy City specialty.

Name the Six-Letter Capitals of the US

Take the quiz!

A Brief History of Ill-Advised Campus Fads

the mag

Throughout the years there's been some very stupid tricks on some very well-regarded campuses.

When Work Drives You Mad: Tales from the Deadly "Loony Gas" Building

Stacy Conradt

Work driving you crazy? Try telling that to workers at Standard Oil Refinery's TEL facility.

Patti Lyle Collins, Super-Sleuth of the Dead Letter Office

Bess Lovejoy

Today the lost and found department of the United States Postal Service is called the Mail Recovery Center, which isn’t a very evocative name.

15 Spirited Facts About 'Bring It On'

Roger Cormier

Dust off your spirit fingers. "The 'Citizen Kane' of cheerleader movies" is turning 15.

Why Does the Airplane Oxygen Mask Have a Bag That “May Not Inflate”?

Arika Okrent

Why tell us, “although the bag on the oxygen mask may not inflate, oxygen is flowing to the mask”?

10 Famous Authors and Their Unfinished Manuscripts

Bess Lovejoy

What do we do when an author dies with their work unfinished?

A Guide to Dog Body Language

Rebecca OConnell

Havahart Wireless has made this helpful infographic to give us a general gist of what our pets are trying to tell us.

Morning Cup of Links: Breaking the Fourth Wall

Miss Cellania

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