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Mental Floss Trivia Show is Coming to VidCon!

Next stop for The mental_floss Trivia Show: VidCon in Anaheim!

Youngest or Eldest, Your Birth Order Doesn’t Affect Your Personality

Shaunacy Ferro

A new study of 377,000 people finds no correlation between birth order and personality traits.

A Visual History of Homes In America

Hannah Keyser

In snazzy chart form.

10 Hair-Raising Facts About ‘Edward Scissorhands’

Rebecca Pahle

Tim Burton’s goth masterpiece is turning 25.

Is a Microphone a ‘Mic’ or a ‘Mike’?

Arika Okrent

10 Things We’ll See in 10 Years

Stacy Conradt the mag

The discoveries, innovations and high-flying developments in store for us in the next 10 years.

Fun Berlin Apartment Has a Secret Fireman's Pole

Rebecca OConnell

In a secret room behind a bookshelf, you can slide down a fireman's pole.

The Largest Feathered Dinosaur Was Just Discovered in China

Hannah Keyser

5 Questions: Types of Signs

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15 Mysterious Facts About ‘The Hardy Boys’

Janet Burns

10 Creepy Facts About ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’

Scott Weinberg

Don't fall asleep.

6 Examples of Early Fast Food From Ancient History

Shaunacy Ferro

America didn't invent the notion of fast food. Easy, greasy fare has been around for thousands of years.

48 Amazing Facts From Our Instagram

Did you know mental_floss has an Instagram account? That's just one of the many facts you can learn today if you follow us! Here are 48 more to give you a feel of what you're missing out on.

Watch Steve Jobs Present the First-Ever 'Stevenote' in 1984

Adrienne Crezo

Steve Jobs's first 'Stevenote' was nearly lost to history until a group of computer historians and tech legends teamed up to preserve and digitize the footage.

25 Things You Should Know About Philadelphia

Alvin Ward

It's home to the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence, and delicious, delicious cheesesteaks. But there's even more to celebrate about the City of Brotherly Love.