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Beyond CSI: 10 Fascinating Forensic Careers

Jennifer M Wood

Dexter Morgan’s got nothing on Graham Strong the optometrist.

25 of Dorothy Parker's Best Quotes

Stacy Conradt

Had Dorothy Parker been a supercentenarian, she would have been 120 today, and she surely would have had some great observations about life in 2013.

35 Classy Slang Terms for Naughty Bits from the Past 600 Years

Arika Okrent

There's a great deal of human creativity on display in this domain.

Brain Game: Fun with Flags, Episode 14

Sandy Wood

Morning Cup of Links: 11-story LEGO Tower

Miss Cellania

What Causes Nightmares?

Erik van Rheenen

When you're waking up from a nightmare, your first question might be, “Was that a bagel chasing me through my house with a sledgehammer?” And after the shock of dreaming about a homicidal, anthro

10 Things You Might Not Know About Dorothy Parker

Stacy Conradt

She was born 120 years ago today!

5 Films That Kicked Off Award-Winning Directors' Careers [Sponsored]

Everyone has seen the “standards” from major, award-winning directors, but if you want the upper hand at your next trivia night, add these under-the-radar but equally impressive films to your queue an

Literary Masterpieces, Deconstructed and Remade

Jamie Spatola

Floss:Handmade Your Walls Should Be Smarter 3 of 3 - WallEnvy Typographic Art

17 Stunning Works of Mosaïculture

Roma Panganiban

At a triennial competition coordinated by Mosaïcultures International of Montréal, artists from around the world present arrangements of still-living plants atop mesh skeletons, creating towering exhi

Watch Mike Tyson Play Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! for the First Time

Adrienne Crezo

The Missing Links: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Colin Patrick

12 Animal Adjectives to Bolster Your Vocabulary

Judith B Herman

You know some other animal adjectives ending in -ine: feline (catlike), canine (doggy) and bovine (cow like). How many more are there? A herd, a flock, a whole bunch. Here’s a dozen.

The Disney Songbook: Richard Sherman and Alan Menken in Concert

Stacy Conradt

Wednesday is New Comics Day

Rich Barrett

Every Wednesday, I highlight the five most exciting comic releases of the week. The list may include comic books, graphic novels, digital comics and webcomics.