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Is it OK to Shower in a Thunderstorm?

Matt Soniak

A reader wrote in to ask, “Is it safe to shower in a thunderstorm? Were my parents messing with me?”

29 Vintage Photos of Dogs Being Man's Best Friend

Erin McCarthy

Happy National Dog Day!

Morning Cup of Links: When the Mask Makes the Movie

Miss Cellania

How Math and Lasers Can Make You a Better Golfer

Lucas Reilly

A few years ago, number crunchers and stat geeks infiltrated the MLB front offices and changed the way America’s pastime is played. Now they’re doing it to Scotland’s.

14 Swedish Words That Conflict With the Ikea Products They Name

Arika Okrent

There's a system to Ikea product naming that matches word categories to product categories. Then there are names that don't relate to the products in any way.

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing mentalfloss.com all week, here's what you missed.

Weekend Links: J.D. Salinger’s First Story

Roma Panganiban

More On the Apollo Guidance Computer from 1965

Chris Higgins

Where Are These Thousand Islands?

Ethan Trex

Is the delicious dressing that gives a Reuben its tanginess named after an actual chain of islands? You bet it is.

Celebrating Women's Equality Day: Quotes from 13 Influential Women Writers [Sponsored]

Figwit, Our Favorite Extremely Minor Elf

Chris Higgins

Weekend Links: Why Everyone’s An Awful Driver

Roma Panganiban

The Late Movies: 7 Actors Who Played Batman Before Ben Affleck (And What Fans Had to Say About Them)

Erica Palan

10 Actual Competitions for Major Mental Athletes

Kelly Carroll

Maybe your days of physical athletic prowess are far behind you. But brains can grow more efficient over time if properly worked out.

The Stories Behind 9 Iconic TV Production Logos

Rudie Obias

The production logos that cap off a TV show don't just tell you who made the show—they're also a glimpse into the creator’s sense of humor and personality.