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The American Dialect Society's Word of the Year

Arika Okrent

11 of History’s Biggest Pranksters

Stacy Conradt

Why Are Electrical Plugs Different in Europe?

Matt Soniak

Gluta: The Incredibly Photogenic Rescue Dog

Rebecca OConnell

Narragansett Brewery Draws Inspiration from H. P. Lovecraft

Hannah Keyser

5 Questions: Morse Code

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Name the NFL Teams in Order of Their Last Super Bowl Win

Weekend Links: The Universal Language?

Roma Panganiban

How Sriracha is Made

Chris Higgins

David Tran puts Sriracha on his Sriracha.

Weekend Links: 'Back to the Future' Sneakers

Roma Panganiban

Johnny Carson's 1980 "Cosmos" Parody

Chris Higgins

Billions and billions of laughs.

5 Medical Innovations of the Civil War

the mag

Civil War surgeons learned fast, and many of their MacGyver-like solutions have had a lasting impact.

5 Weird Things That Have Fallen From the Sky

Julie Winterbottom the mag

Happy Birthday, Connecticut!

Nick Greene

Video Proof That Dogs Would Make the Best Tennis Ball Boys

Abbey Stone