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Pod City: Need a New Podcast Addiction? Here are 8 to Try

Whitney Matheson

The best new podcasts to download now.

Amazing Images of Classic Japanese Fart Battles

Shaunacy Ferro

A beautiful scroll from 19th century Japan depicts an epic battle of flatulence.

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

The strangest news stories of the past week.

Most Common Words in US City Names

Take the quiz!

The Most Relatively Popular Song in 1000 Cities Across The Globe

Hannah Keyser

Obama Designates Three New National Monuments

Caitlin Schneider

Nevada's Basin and Range, California's Berryessa Snow Mountain and Waco Mammoth in Texas are the country's three newest monuments, containing a million new acres of federally-preserved

How Are Emoji Made?

Shaunacy Ferro

Who decides what emoji are allowed to exist?

Here's What 10 Symbols on Cosmetics Labels Mean

Caitlin Schneider

Here's a handy guide to decoding the symbols on the cosmetics you use every single day.

A Parasite in Bishop’s Clothing: Some Cuckoos Mimic Innocent Birds to Sneak into Nests

Matt Soniak

14 Nostalgic Facts About ‘Happy Days’

Kara Kovalchik

These facts are yours and mine. Ayyy!

How Did the Grapefruit Get Its Name?

Julia Davis

As it turns out, it’s a relatively new designation.

10 Shocking (Mis)Uses for Electricity

Rebecca OConnell the mag

During the 17th and 18th centuries, people knew electricity was the next big thing—they just weren’t sure how to use it. So they tried it all.

This is the Treehouse You Wish You Had as a Kid

Rebecca OConnell

Scientists Say Polar Bears Don't Have a 'Walking Hibernation' State

Hannah Keyser

A new study disproves a theory about how polar bears handle food shortages—and that's bad news for the bears.

5 Questions: "Kettle" Corn

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