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Waiting for Pluto Pics from 'New Horizons'? Watch This!

Chris Higgins

Watch the New Horizons mission specialists explain what they've been up to since 2006...and what we're about to see.

Why Gchat Rants Don't Actually Make You Feel Better

Beth Anne Macaluso

Feeling heated? Step away from the chat window.

Making Out Isn’t as Popular as You Think It Is

Shaunacy Ferro

Less than half of the world’s cultures kiss their romantic partners.

Cell Phones Distract You Even On Vibrate, Study Says

Shaunacy Ferro

Even if you don’t pick up, your buzzing phone is still detracting from your focus.

The Missing Links: A Domino 'Dr. Who' Tribute

Colin Patrick

What Makes Your Feet So Smelly

Hannah Keyser

Find out the science behind why sweaty feet smell so terrible.

Pick the Capital for Each State

Nightingales Who Sing Well Make the Best Fathers

Shaunacy Ferro

Males who sing more complicated, orderly songs feed their children more often.

15 Toe-Tapping Facts About ‘Singin’ in the Rain’

Eric D Snider

The Oscar-nominated musical is also a history lesson about Hollywood in the late 1920s, when silent pictures were giving way to talkies.

Morning Cup of Links: Cities on the Edge

Miss Cellania

Rats Can Save Lives by Sniffing Out Land Mines

Rebecca OConnell

Rats are helping to save lives in Cambodia

The Many Fires That Plagued P.T. Barnum

Erin Blakemore

150 years ago, P.T. Barnum's museum of curiosities burned down—over and over again.

World's Oldest Manatee Recognized By Guinness World Records

Hannah Keyser

Snooty's turning 67!

Take a Nostalgia Trip With a Massive '90s Playlist

Caitlin Schneider

A '90s kid has created an 800 track chronological playlist of indie and alternative music from the Gen X decade.

Albert Einstein's "Horrendously Strenuous" First Visit to the U.S.

Jake Rossen

"I had to let myself be shown around like a prize ox...it's a miracle I endured it."