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The Time Paris Had a Baby Lottery

Erin McCarthy

Tour New York City by Drone

Chris Higgins

See all five boroughs...from a drone!

10 Funnier Alternatives to Lorem Ipsum

Miss Cellania

10 Parents Disney Didn't Actually Kill

Stacy Conradt

Chewing Gum Helps Brain Activity

Caitlin Schneider the mag

Pick the Three Movies That Share Each Common Bond

Mercedes-Benz Unveils a Sleek and Shiny Self-Driving Car

Abbey Stone

The 10 Most-Watched Cable Programs of All Time

Hannah Keyser

22 Two-Letter Words To Boost Your Scrabble Score

Paul Anthony Jones

What Caused the Big Bang?

the mag

Your Pets May Get Their Own Wearables

Rebecca OConnell

This Woman's Baseball Card Collection Is Worth a Million Dollars

Hannah Keyser

These aren't just any baseball cards.

5 Questions: Still Fiddling Around

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When France Has Faced Terror Before

David W Brown

The attack on Charlie Hebdo is not an outlier, but rather a visible example of the threat France has long faced.

16 Things You Might Not Know About Costa Rica