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Passing Place: A Hike Through Skye, Scotland (Part 1)

Chris Higgins

A visit to the ruined city of Boreraig.

Passing Place: A Hike Through Skye, Scotland (Part 2)

Chris Higgins

25 Things You Should Know About Atlanta

Alvin Ward

Impress the locals during your next visit to the City in a Forest.

41 Eerie Photos of Abandoned Soviet Buildings

Rebecca OConnell

Strange Geographies: The Fjords of New Zealand

Ransom Riggs

New Zealand boasts some of the world's most beautiful fjords... within an enormous and mostly unpopulated wilderness known as Fjordland.

Vacation to Mars: Antarctica's Dry Valleys

Ransom Riggs

There's a series of dry valleys in Antarctica, about 4,000 kilometers square, that have no ice on them at all.

11 Facts About 7-Eleven on 7/11

Rob Lammle

Before you head out for your free Slurpee, read up on the world's most popular convenience store.

10 Refreshing Facts About Mojitos

Rebecca OConnell

In honor of National Mojito Day, kick back with these facts about the beloved cocktail—as you sip one, of course.

5 Bonkers 'Archie Comics' Crossovers

Mark Peters

Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica are versatile enough to go anywhere: from the gritty world of a vigilante to an alternate universe.

The Whale that Started the Green Movement

the mag

In 1966, a beluga whale swam the wrong way up the Rhine—and wound up paving the way for environmental reform in Germany.

10 Sharp Facts About Gastonia

Mark Mancini

Sorry, North Carolina: Today’s dinosaur has nothing to do with your charming city of the same name. It is, however, a very important animal—as any armored dinosaur expert can attest.

Male Strippers Are in It for the Self-Esteem Boost, Study Says

Shaunacy Ferro

A sociological study of male strippers finds that dancing for women enhances positive feelings of self-worth.

With New Technology, Hypoallergenic Peanuts Are Possible

Caitlin Schneider

The USDA Tech Transfer Report includes and innovation that removes 98 percent of allergens from peanuts.

10 Vacation Destinations that Ended Up in the Dictionary

Paul Anthony Jones

Yosemite’s Iconic Half Dome Just Lost 5 Million Pounds of Granite

Caitlin Schneider