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The Empire Strikes Back, Remade By 480 Fans

Chris Higgins

Name the Top 20 Harry Potter Characters by Number of Mentions

Brain Game: Math Square #236

Sandy Wood

8 Lifehacks for Dealing with Pets

We've got a doggy bag full of lifehacks to take the stress out of pets.

States by Capital

Why is the Second Audio Track on DVDs in French?

Kara Kovalchik

Most DVDs come with more than one audio track. The first one is generally English, and more than likely the second one will be French. Pourquoi?

Morning Cup of Links: The Inspirations Behind Movie Monsters

Miss Cellania

These are the Chemicals Inside Your Smartphone

Erin McCarthy

12 Halloween Ideas From 1884's Hottest Costume Guide

Nick Greene

Suggestions from 'Male Character Costumes, a Guide to Gentlemen's Costume Suitable for Fancy Dress Balls and Private Theatricals.'

5 Questions: This Is A Test

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Weekend Links: The Secret Recipe for Cronuts

Roma Panganiban

9 Bizarre and Endearing Inventions From 100 Years Ago

Therese Oneill The Week

Popular Mechanics has long profiled interesting new ideas and inventions, even if those innovations were destined to go no further than the magazine's pages.

"Coffee Jerks," An Examination of '50s and '60s Coffee Ads

Chris Higgins

These husbands are real jerks about their wives' coffee.

What Does a $1 Million RV Look Like?

Weekend Links: Literary Riddles

Roma Panganiban