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Why are “Pound” and “Ounce” Abbreviated as “lb” and “oz”?

Arika Okrent

Most of our abbreviations for units of measurements are pretty straightforward. They are made up of of letters from the words they stand for. So how do we get lb for “pound” and oz for “ounce”?

How to Pick a Lock

Whether you’re a suave spy or simply a guy who keeps forgetting his keys, lock picking is a handy skill to have.

Morning Cup of Links: The Best Sesame Street Musical Guests

Jason English

Some of Feist's best work on display.

The Stories Behind 22 Classic Album Covers

Bill DeMain

Here's what went into some of the most recognizable album covers in music history.

The Late Movies: Male Actors in Drag

Erica Palan

7 Outlandish Alternate Histories

Mark Juddery

Here are some of the more peculiar questions that people have pondered over the decades.

7 Surprising Ways Mother Nature is Trying to Kill You

The Week Therese Oneill

Plants, dirt, and even rocks are more dangerous than you probably imagined.

The Missing Links: The Cheater's Cheat Sheet

Colin Patrick

Shark Week Q&A: How Scientists Built a Shark-Following Robot for "Return of Jaws"

Erin McCarthy

Shark Cam makes its debut in the Shark Week special "Return of Jaws" tonight at 9 p.m.

Play Vintage LCD Games in Your Browser

Chris Higgins

Boxers, Briefs or Loincloth? A Brief History of Men's Underwear

Ethan Trex

It's taken thousands of years to perfect the boxers or briefs that you're wearing right now. Here's a brief and incomplete look at the history of men's underwear.

Where Do You Go to the Bathroom During a Riot?

Matt Soniak

Morning Cup of Links: Old Spock vs. New Spock

Miss Cellania

Announcing the Weird Historical Image Scavenger Hunt!

Jason English

A mental_floss shopping spree is on the line!

13 Medical Conditions Named After People

Ethan Trex

Who are the scientists and doctors behind some of our most famous diseases and conditions? Here are a few of the physicians and their eponymous ailments.