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24 Adorable Photos of Presidents With Little Kids

Lucas Reilly

Pete Souza/White House After TIME named Barack Obama its Person of the Year, it released a series of photos by Pete Souza—which included the adorable photo above, of the president pretending to get

The Missing Links: Running in the Rain

Colin Patrick

This Helped Me TODAY When I Went to Get Lunch I still got drenched.

The Name of a New Bee Species Was Inspired by Sheldon Cooper

Erin McCarthy

Scientists have named plenty of species after celebrities.

16 Christmas Party Beverages, Cocktails, and Jello Shots

Miss Cellania

On the weekend before Christmas, you may be off work and ready to celebrate with friends before the whole family gets together.

The Mayan Apocalypse: By The Numbers

The Week

By Harold

Reaching Space, DIY Style

Chris Higgins

Copenhagen Suborbitals is an organization hoping to launch humans into space, using a D.I.Y. attitude -- they are a self-proclaimed open source, nonprofit space exploration company.

Can Bacteria and Viruses Get Sick?

Matt Soniak

Tis the season to be getting the cold and flu.

Brain Game: Nasta Lucas

Today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Think Thursday challenge is appropriately holiday-themed.

Morning Cup of Links: Red-nosed Reindeer

Miss Cellania

You'll love this: a big collection of festive, goofy, proud, or baffled dogs, all wishing you a Merry Christmas in photographs. * McKenna Pope's crusade to get her brother an Easy Bake Ove

10 TV and Movie Clichés You Never See in Real Life

Kara Kovalchik

Only in the movies...

10 Lovely Stories of Kindness from Newtown (And How You Can Still Help)

Adrienne Crezo

It's been nearly a week since the massacre in Newtown, and Ann Curry's #26acts campaign continues to zoom around the internet.

The Late Movies: Terry Gilliam's Animation

Chris Higgins

Terry Gilliam is now a renowned director, but he got his start in illustration and cut-out animation -- most notably for Monty Python.

A Sun-Like Star Very Close to Us Might Have a Goldilocks Planet

Erin McCarthy

Artist’s impression of the Tau Ceti system. Created by J.

The Missing Links: Reworking Your Weak WiFi

Colin Patrick

Debunking the Eagle Baby Grab Video That crazy video of an eagle grabbing a baby?