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9 Flowcharts for Maximum Non-Productivity

Miss Cellania

Another round of humorous and/or useful flowcharts from around the web.

The Missing Links: 'Back to the Future' Comes to Comic Books

Colin Patrick

Inside the Walls of New York’s Tenement Museum

Caitlin Schneider

From 1863 to 1935, the building that is now New York's Tenement Museum housed some 7,000 residents—and they left some pretty interesting things in the walls and floors.

This Light Bulb Has Been Burning for 114 Years; Will It Ever Stop?

Nick Greene

There’s a light bulb in Livermore, California that has been burning since 1901.

Movie Title Anagrams

Take the quiz!

13 Words that Changed from Negative to Positive (or Vice Versa)

Arika Okrent

Here are 13 fine, upstanding words that long ago switched from negative to positive (or vice versa).

Miss May Whitley, Self-Defense Expert of 1930s London

Jake Rossen

What we know about the "Ju-Jitsu Girl" of England.

A Refrigerator Magnet That Recommends Movies Based on the Time of Day

Sonia Weiser

A refrigerator magnet uses a specially designed light sensor to give you movie recommendations based on the time of day you're eating.

The Intruder in Queen Elizabeth II's Bedroom

Stacy Conradt

A look back at one of the worst (and most terrifying) royal security breaches in history.

15 Charming Quotes from Sir Patrick Stewart

Hannah Keyser

Whether you know him from Star Trek, X-Men or his many theater performances, it’s hard not to love Sir Patrick Stewart. Let’s take a look at some of the beloved Brit’s most quotable insights.

Neuroscience Explains 'Waitmares'

Giaco Furino

You forgot to bring cocktail sauce to table 23.

Meet the Biggest Batman Fan in Thailand (Maybe the World)

Caitlin Schneider

The largest toy museum in Thailand was started three years ago by a Batman enthusiast whose 50,000-piece collection outgrew his home.

Are You a 'Pre-Crastinator'?

Jessica Hullinger

Checking things off a to-do list just feels good, no matter how trivial the task.

How 'Rocky' Turned the Common Man Into a Hero, and Sylvester Stallone Into a Star

Jake Rossen the mag

When Sylvester Stallone was told there were no parts for him, he wrote his own.

What Causes Red Tides?

the mag