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Inside the Mysterious Hot Springs Found Deep Below the Gulf of California

Shaunacy Ferro

The hot-water chimneys found in the Pescadero Basin are like any other hydrothermal vents in the northern hemisphere.

The Most Popular Surnames in Each State

Alvin Ward

First-Person View of a Rocket Falling From Space

Erin McCarthy

Ever wonder what it would be like to be inside a rocket falling to Earth? Look no further than this video.

Hauntingly Beautiful Photos of 10 Abandoned Amusement Parks

Rebecca OConnell

Photographer Seph Lawless—known for his work with abandoned malls—has now turned his lens on abandoned amusement parks

The Missing Links: Recreating Psycho With Kittens

Colin Patrick

This Range Rover Can Be Driven Remotely With an App

Yelena Melnichenko

Its steering, brakes, and throttle can be controlled by your smartphone.

The Missing Person Who Joined Her Own Search Party

Simon Brew

Over 50 people went looking for a tourist on a tour of Iceland. Turns out the missing tourist was, unwittingly, joining in the search...

After Losing a Limb, Jellyfish Reorganize Their Bodies for Symmetry

Shaunacy Ferro

Jellyfish don't regrow limbs—they simply work with what they've got.

10 Howling Good Facts About Beagles

Rebecca OConnell

These lovable hounds are happy, playful companions. Find out more about why they make perfect pets.

Cold Hard Cash May Be More Than a Metaphor

Jessica Hullinger

Does handling money actually make you feel physically colder? New research claims it does.

Name the Countries of North America

Can you name all 23 independent countries in North America?

Spectacular Footage of an Erupting Chilean Volcano

Shaunacy Ferro

A German crew just so happened to be filming at the right place at the right time.

Help Solve the Mystery of This 54-Year-Old Letter

Sonia Weiser

The Reddit hive mind is at work to solve a new mystery and may need your help.

Microsoft Unveils Its Holographic 'Minecraft' Demo

Rebecca OConnell

Augmented reality makes the most popular video game in the world IRL.

'We': The Novel That Inspired George Orwell’s '1984'

Sarah Stodola