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12 of George Washington's Rules of Civility That Still Apply

Lauren Cowling

Though some of the founding father’s rules are in need of a fresh coat of paint for modern life, these 12 are as appropriate as ever.

17 Heroic Facts About the 'X-Men' Movies

Roger Cormier

As the trailers for 'Deadpool' and 'X-Men: Apocalypse' wow audiences at Comic-Con, we're looking back at the 15-year-old franchise that proved that superhero movies didn'

10 Fun Facts About Han Solo

Gillian Finklea

Han shot first.

Why Are UPS Tracking Codes So Long?

Tiffany Luckey

While you’d be forgiven for assuming that UPS tracking codes are generated randomly, those numbers (and letters) actually contain a lot of information.

The German POWs Who Lived, Worked, and Loved in Texas

Jake Rossen

How German POWs populated small-town America during World War II.

17 Amazing Facts That Sound Made Up

the mag

You probably didn't find these facts in your history textbooks.

Every Plane That's Disappeared Since 1948

Jason English

A look at the 80+ large aircraft that have been declared missing since 1948.

15 Vintage Photos of Nuns Doing Normal Things

Erin McCarthy

They're just like us!

9 Real Disguises of the World’s Best Undercover Reporter

the mag

Ghana's top journalist uses silly props and disguises to expose atrocious crimes. Luckily, he's got a lot of them.

The Teenage Putin Fan Club

Mangesh Hattikudur

If you love Vladimir Putin, but don't have the shirts, posters and throw pillows to prove it, this club can show you the way.

Strange Geographies: Portugal's Bone Chapel

Ransom Riggs

"We bones here, for yours await." Nice and creepy.

11 Post-Apocalyptic Words and Phrases from 'Beyond Thunderdome'

Angela Tung

ere are 11 post-apocalyptic words Max learns from the Thunderdome and beyond.

6 Quirky Clubs You Should Probably Join Today

the mag

If you're sick of being a subordinate Claus, maybe the Santa Claus Group is for you.

Meet the Skate Girls of Kabul

Mangesh Hattikudur

How the humble skateboard helped to kickstart a young feminist movement.

Passing Place: A Hike Through Skye, Scotland (Part 2)

Chris Higgins