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Citizen Science Goes to the Dogs

Shaunacy Ferro

A new report finds that dog behavioralists can rely on at-home testing with pets.

Putting Health Charity Logos on Junk Food Makes It Seem Healthier

Shaunacy Ferro

Just because those cookies have an American Red Cross logo on them doesn’t mean they’re good for you.

This Elegant Pavilion Is Made Of 10,000 Recycled BIC Pens

Caitlin Schneider

You'd never know this gorgeous crystalline netting was made of an everyday office supply.

These 3D Printable Habitats Were Designed for Life on Mars

Michele Debczak

Here are the finalists of NASA's 3D printable design contest.

Whovians Beware: Daleks are Invading the London Underground

Michele Debczak

Their appearance coincides with the season nine premiere of 'Doctor Who.'

11 Bloodthirsty Facts About 'Little Shop of Horrors'

Mark Mancini

At first, the horrifically hilarious musical remake wasn't a huge hit.

New Study Reveals How Brushing Your Teeth Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy

Autumn Spanne

New research clarifies how bacteria in our mouths may lead to cardiovascular health problems.

These House-Themed ‘Harry Potter’ Covers Are Gorgeous

Michele Debczak

Embrace you're inner (insert Hogwarts house here) with these customized book covers.

'Mother' Robot Builds Better, Faster Robot Offspring

Michele Debczak

In case artificially intelligent robots weren’t terrifying enough.

Make Cat-Shaped Eggs With This Cool Mold

Rebecca OConnell

Move aside Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes, cat eggs are here.

The Missing Links: NASA's Zero Gravity Research Facility

Colin Patrick

20 Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Decisions

Jennifer M Wood

You put a lot of thought into every choice that you make … which could be the reason why you’re making bad decisions.

12 Harrowing Facts About 'The Things They Carried'

Jeff Wells

This widely read novel about war is more fact than fiction.

The World's Largest Green Roof Might Be on Top of a Silicon Valley Shopping Mall

Shaunacy Ferro

A developer is proposing covering Cupertino, Calif.'s Vallco mall with a 30-acre park.

Studies Show Babies Understand Skype

Anna Green

Studies show tech savvy babies differentiate between TV and Skype.