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In 1995, You Could Smell Like Kermit the Frog

Rebecca OConnell Caitlin Schneider

Amphibia was dripping with froggy sex appeal.

15 Forgotten School Supplies We Should Bring Back

Though the technologies of today are undoubtedly amazing, some of the school supplies of yesteryear were also pretty fantastic.

How Scientists Use Leeches to Locate Rare Animals

Anna Green

Leeches serve as rare DNA collectors.

Non-Bird Flying Objects

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15 Vintage Postcards From Around the World

Shaunacy Ferro

From Paris, France to Amarillo, Texas, here's what the world looked like to travelers in the early 1900s.

15 Scientific Tricks to Make Waiting Easier

Waiting in line is a miserable experience in most situations, but it’s a boon for social psychologists who want to study group dynamics.

The Latest Trend in Literature? Twitter Fiction

Anna Green

Creativity in 140 characters or less.

15 Interesting Things You Can Do With Capital Letters

Gretchen McCulloch

Capital letters aren't just for starting sentences. Here are 15 more interesting ways to make use of them.

WWI Centennial: Prelude to Rebellion

Erik Sass

Only 6 Percent of Americans Aced This Basic Science Survey

Michele Debczak

How do you compare?

Are You Ready for Some … Grammar? Fans of This Pro Football Team Are the Most Typo-Prone

Beth Anne Macaluso

It turns out you can learn a lot by analyzing the comments section of the nearest sports blog.

This Simple Toilet Can Improve Health and Safety

Kirstin Fawcett

This cheaply mass-produced toilet to developing nations, a toilet manufacturer is helping individuals gain access to clean, sanitary, and secure bathroom facilities.

This Camera Refuses to Take Pictures of Over-Photographed Locations

Michele Debczak

Camera Restricta encourages photographers to venture off the beaten path.

11 Strange Facts About 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'

Joy Lanzendorfer

The true facts surrounding the classic work are as mysterious and intruiging as the novel itself.

High-Tech Light Bulbs Can Help You Study or Fall Asleep

Anna Green

Different wavelengths have real physiological effects on our bodies