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This Beer Promises to Make You More Creative

Rebecca OConnell

The Time an Artist Sold His Own Excrement for the Price of Gold

Hannah Keyser

Well played, Cards Against Humanity, but you're not the first to see the potential for a profound prank in feces.

5 Questions: Tenth Day of Christmas

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11 Innovative Techniques for Getting Better Recordings of Your Kids' Holiday Pageants

7 Cool Facts About the Greenland Shark

Erin McCarthy

9 Famous Authors’ Favorite Workday Snacks

Adrienne Crezo

YouTube Yule Logs

Chris Higgins

The Missing Links: An All-You-Can-Watch Movie Pass

Colin Patrick

NASA Can See Your Holiday Lights From Space

Abbey Stone

13 Wonderful Homemade Christmas Cards

Miss Cellania

Quiz: Commonly Misspelled Words

Can you pick out the words that are spelled correctly?

Our 10 Favorite Scientific Study Titles of 2014

Hannah Keyser

Are Cuban Cigars Legal Now?

Nick Greene

This week, President Obama announced plans to "normalize relations between" the United States and Cuba. What does this mean for the cigars?

9 Things From The 90s That Should Be Made Into Emojis

Brought to you by VH1’s Hindsight

Just How Dirty are Public Restrooms?

Meghan Holohan