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7 Animals That Jump for Fun and for Sport

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

The Missing Links: What to Do When A Grenade Is Thrown At You

Colin Patrick

Sam Simon, Who Gave the Entirety of His Fortune Away to Charity, Dies

Nick Greene

Watch Emma Watson's HeForShe Q&A

Erin McCarthy

Name the Schools with the Most NCAA Tournament Appearances

Meet the World's Greatest Elvis Impersonator

Nick Greene the mag

Explore the World’s Languages with this Cool Interactive Map

Arika Okrent

You know about French, Spanish, and Russian, but what about Tohono Oodham, Karaim, and Iu Mien?

Leonard Nimoy Explains the Vulcan Salute

Chris Higgins

Without Nimoy's Orthodox Jewish background, we wouldn't have the Vulcan salute.

The 8 Honorary Citizens of the United States

David W Brown

Here's what they did to deserve it.

11 Ways Technology Can Boost Your Work Performance

Artist Cuts Extinct Animals Out of Their Illustrations

Rebecca OConnell

Watch Hermit Crabs Organize An Orderly Shell Swap

Hannah Keyser

5 Questions: Spring Forward

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Why Does Your Sandwich Come With a Pickle?

College Weekend

Chindōgu: The Art of Unuseless

College Weekend