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11 Techniques for Capturing Great Nature Photos in a City

Cities may not seem like the ideal place to go to photograph nature, but you can find a surprising amount of flora, fauna, and incredible views in any urban landscape.

5 Questions: The Moor of Venice

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The 2014 Platypus Awards

the mag

The Platties honor ideas that are interdisciplinary: a bit duck, a bit beaver, a bit otter. These are the new ideas and innovations that made us do a double take.

16 of Truman Capote's Fiercest Insults

Stacy Conradt

Besides being a wonderful writer, Truman Capote was also a master of the take-down.

The Pixar Theory, Illustrated

Chris Higgins

The Missing Links: The Scientifically Best Way to Kiss

Colin Patrick

French Fries Around the World

Miss Cellania

5 Famous Cocktails With Wartime Origins

Beth Ford Roth

If "war is hell," then it's no surprise it helped inspire a multitude of mixed drinks to ease the diabolical consequences of combat.

How an Awesomesauce New Suffix Came to Be

Arika Okrent

Sauce has come a long way from its original noun meaning, passing through idiom, to adjective, to adjective-forming suffix. Still, it has kept in touch with its roots.

What Should I Do If I’m About to Get Struck by Lightning?

Lucas Reilly the mag

10 Things You Might Not Have Known About Truman Capote

Kate Erbland

7 Superhero Tricks for the Novice Parent

Here’s how to lifehack past the troublesome bits, so you can concentrate on the cute.

5 Questions: Jet Royalty?

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WWI Centennial: The Siege of Antwerp

Erik Sass

The Missing Links: A Desk For the Active Worker

Colin Patrick