Reverse Graffiti Creates Murals By Cleaning

Rebecca OConnell

KFC China Now Has Pink Sandwich Buns Because Why Not

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We're one step closer to Spongebob's 'Pretty Patties.'

5 Curiously Shaped Forests

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Can't see the forest for the trees? In these five cases, you really are missing the big picture.

How Scientists Discovered the Song of the Humpback Whale

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How Photoshop 1.0 Saved 'Terminator 2'

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Before Photoshop was on the market, its creators were perfecting its techniques by creating the epic 'Terminator 2' villain.

New Snail Discovered After Sitting on a Shelf for More Than 150 Years

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It was dusty.

8 Secrets of a Sommelier

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The Missing Links: A Mini History of Tourist Traps

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The Perseid Meteor Shower Will Be Spectacular Wednesday Night

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Some 100 meteors an hour will blaze across the sky tomorrow night. It's going to be the best show in five years.

Scientists Find a Way to Erase Memories of Drug Use in Addicted Mice

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mouse Mind, anyone?

15 Things You Should Know About Piet Mondrian

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For his contribution to abstract art, Piet Mondrian is regularly regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

Thomas Pynchon and Brian Wilson's Miserable Evening Together

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The awkward evening seems straight out of a Pynchon novel.

This New Wood-Derived Computer Chip Is Biodegradable

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A professor at the University of Wisconsin has developed an innovative way to cut down on electronic waste.

Researchers Fly Drones Through Whale Spouts to Study Their Breath

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Mmm, smelly.

The Far-Reaching Effects of the Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy

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Sci-Fi Cowboys and Large Non-Human Friends of Few Words everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to George Lucas.