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What Causes Morning Sickness?

Kara Kovalchik

Buckingham Palace has confirmed what the British tabloids have suspected for a while: The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting.

World War I Centennial: Balkan Armistice, Britain Warns Germany

Erik Sass

Installment #47: Seeing his armies exhausted following their defeat at Chataldzha, Bulgaria’s Tsar Ferdinand (pictured) finally listened to the pleas of the Bulgarian civilian government and the advic

Chasing Bookworms: What Missing Art Can Tell You About Insects

Matt Soniak

"The Rich Man" by Cornelis Anthonisz (1541), courtesy Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Between the 15th and 19th centuries, Europeans illustrated their books mainly with woodcuts.

Our Big T-Shirt Sale Ends Tonight!

Mangesh & Jason

See something you like? Head over to the mental_floss store and use the code TEES17. But hurry! Sale ends at midnight

The Missing Links: Coffin Therapy

Colin Patrick

RIP: Highway House You know what they say about real estate.

17 Offbeat Holidays and Anniversaries to Celebrate in December

Laura Turner Garrison

Halfway through last December, we gave you 11 unusual holidays to make the month even more festive.

John Hodgman's Powerful Documentary: "Hobo Matters"

Chris Higgins

"They called it the war to end all wars. The called it the London Fire. They called it the Trail of Tears. But they were all wrong.

We Need Your Help on a Super Secret Project

Jason English

Mangesh and I are planning something big and participatory and we need your help!

Brain Game: Math Square #149

Here's a brand new Monday Math Square for today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game challenge.

Morning Cup of Links: Pink and Purple Toys

Miss Cellania

Bo Obama Inspects the White House’s Holiday Decorations.

Take This mental_floss Reader Panel Survey!

Erin McCarthy

Hey Flossers! A couple of months ago, we posted about the mental_floss reader panel, which we hope will help us do a better job of entertaining and making you smarter in the future.

What is a Pigeonhole?

Matt Soniak

“What exactly is a pigeonhole anyway?" semi-creepy fast food mascot Jack in the Box wondered on Twitter last month.

These Were Our 10 Most Popular Stories in November

Jason English

The pageviews have been counted! Here's a look at last month's most-read mentalfloss.com

Weekend Links: Pac-Man on Saturn's Moon

Allison Keene

A Lego ramen soup that confuses my stomach.

The Weird Things That Some Bacteria Eat

Jill Harness

You probably know that bacteria are everywhere, but you might not be aware of just how many ways bacteria help us, just by eating.