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The Physics of Jumping Popcorn

Chris Higgins

Expanding water causes the pop...but what causes the jump?

Weekend Links: Robots vs. Robots

Roma Panganiban

11 Moments Where You'll Never Need to Touch Your Device Again

Fall of the South: Confederates Vote to Arm Slaves

Erik Sass

5 Flashy Facts About Peacock Spiders

Kate Horowitz

They’re fuzzy, they’re flashy, and they’ve got great moves.

The Weird History of the "Ashcan Copy"

Clay Wirestone

23 Bad Business Moves

Alvin Ward

Paige Finch talks bad business.

Name the Words That Begin With 'Pi'

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

The Missing Links: Jeopardy's Solo Final

Colin Patrick

10 Hooked Facts About Baryonyx

Mark Mancini

12 Things That Will Surprise You About Universal Studios Hollywood

Kelly Bryant

Pick the Numbers That Equal 13

This Bug Only Warns You Not to Attack It After You Attack It

Matt Soniak

How Can We Tell When a Volcano is Dormant or Extinct?

Erin McCarthy