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A Brief History of M.U.S.C.L.E. Figures

Rob Lammle

You probably had dozens of them in a shoebox. They were strange and awesome and … pink. But just what were those M.U.S.C.L.E. figures anyway? Let’s take a look. The

10 Things You Might Not Know About Atari

David W Brown

Wikimedia Commons Forty years ago, on November 29, 1972, a startup called Atari announced the release of Pong, a coin operated “video game.” The company’s name was taken from the ancient Japanese b

Today's Contest: Other '90s TV Shows That Deserve Sequels

Jason English

Let's say you worked at a major TV network. Your job is to revive one show from the 1990s with the original cast, but years later. Not a remake.

Why Do Chile Peppers Make People Cough?

Matt Soniak

In my house, we really like Mexican food. And Thai food. Oh, and Chinese food. We like all food, I guess, but that’s sort of beside the point.

House Finches Hate Getting Sick Too

Jill Harness

Wikimedia Commons Next time you try to avoid a sick friend or refuse to hug a sick family member, don't feel bad—you're just doing it to protect yourself.

Brain Game: Easy to Be Hard

Today's mentalfloss.com Brain Game Wednesday Wordplay challenge brings with it a brand new word ladder.

Morning Cup of Links: A Half-Billion Dollar Lottery

Miss Cellania

The Powerball lottery passed 500 million dollars -the biggest jackpot ever.

The Late Movies: 6 Important Lessons Learned From Bill Nye

Erica Palan

The walls of the educational hall of fame are lined with photos of the best teachers: Miss Frizzle. Mr. Wizard. And Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

Gorgeous Imaginary Nature Scenes

Jill Harness

The most impressive thing about this photo isn't the way the sun looks as it is setting behind the weeping willow. It's that it's not really a weeping willow at all.

The Man Who Survived A Proton Beam To The Brain

Daven Hiskey

Daven Hiskey runs the wildly popular interesting fact website Today I Found Out. To subscribe to his “Daily Knowledge” newsletter, click

The Missing Links: Supercut Creators

Colin Patrick

“But It’s Already Cheap!?!” Improv Everywhere creates a Black Friday mob at the dollar store. * Parachuting Beavers What’s next? Bungee jumping woodchucks? BASE jumping otters?

6 Amazing Plots from Bill Nye Fan Fiction

Erin McCarthy

Today is Bill Nye’s birthday—and to commemorate the occasion, we delved into the sometimes steamy (let's just say Doc Brown is involved), always wacky world of fan fiction based on everyone'

Kim Jong Un Wins 'Sexiest Man Alive': How The Onion Tricked a Chinese Newspaper

The Week

Bradley Cooper. Channing Tatum. Kim Jong Un?

The Instant Cat Meme: Grumpy Cat

Miss Cellania

She's funny, she channels emotions we all share but tend to hide, and she's a cat. Is it any wonder that the internet loves Grumpy