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10 Swift Facts About Velociraptor

Mark Mancini

Everything you think you know about Velociraptor is probably wrong.

The Beautiful Science of Murmurating Starlings

Caitlin Schneider

The sight of murmurating starlings is pretty awe-inspiring. But the science behind the mass, orchestrated bird dance is even more so.

One Man's Donated Blood Has Saved More Than Two Million Lives

Hannah Keyser

James Harrison, 78, has given blood nearly every week since he was legally old enough.

Anatomy of a Grammar Nerd

Alvin Ward

Are you an Oxford comma enthusiast? Does the word "irregardless" make you cringe? If so, you might just be a grammar nerd.

10 Adult Spins on Kid Classics

Rebecca OConnell

When you grow up, you don't have to put away your childish things—you just need to soak them in alcohol.

Peek Inside a Japanese Owl Cafe

Rebecca OConnell

People Aren’t Just Afraid of the Dark, They’re Afraid of Nighttime

Shaunacy Ferro

Nighttime fears aren't just about the lack of light, a new study finds.

University of Cambridge is Getting a Professor of LEGO

Hayley Harding

College professors routinely think about the building blocks of life, but the University of Cambridge is taking it to a whole new level.

11 Out-of-This-World Facts About Carl Sagan

Shaunacy Ferro

Did you know the famous astronomer campaigned for marijuana legalization?

Being Calm Is Contagious—At Least for Roly Polies

Shaunacy Ferro

The larger the group of woodlice, the calmer they are.

How to Use Low-Proof Spirits to Make Perfect Summer Cocktails

Clair McLafferty

Thomas Jefferson’s Laptop Writing Desk

Caitlin Schneider

He drafted the Declaration of Independence on this portable lap desk.

13 'Game of Thrones' Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Christian Bond

How many of these references and inside jokes have you caught?

The Missing Links: The Best (and Worst) Movie Beasts

Colin Patrick

A Space Tent Could Revolutionize Moon Exploration

Hannah Keyser

Aerospace engineers at MIT have designed an elegant solution to one of the most pressing issues surrounding lunar research: The inability to spend any significant time on the moon's surface.