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12 Onomatopoeias from Around the World

Arika Okrent

Other languages have their own ways of representing sounds in the world, too.

Why Are Potato Chip Bags Always Half-Empty?

Roma Panganiban

As disappointing as it can be to tear into a bag of Lay’s to find empty air where your afternoon snack should be, that extra space in the package is there for a reason.

How to Walk Across Hot Coals

A bed of embers can exceed 1000°F, and the world’s hottest firewalk in 1997 actually topped 1750°F—the same temperature used for cremations.

12 Great Wizarding Cakes for Harry Potter’s Birthday

Jill Harness

Happy Birthday, Ken Burns!

Chris Higgins

26 Cool Tattoos Spotted at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con

Jill Harness

Geeks are known for their dedication to their favorite comics, TV shows, video games, and movies—so it's hardly surprising that there are tons of geeky tattoos at Comic Con, the world's larg

The Science of Implanting False Memories

The Week

MIT researchers have successfully incepted the minds of mice with events that never happened.

The Missing Links: No TV And No Beer Make Homer Something Something

Colin Patrick

5 Forgotten Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Here are some of the more bizarre Grimm tales that didn’t quite merit the Disney treatment.

Human Tetris, Pac-Man, and More

Chris Higgins

The World’s Longest Yard Sale Is This Week

Lucas Reilly

Every August, a quiet country road transforms into a bustling trail of attic knickknacks—a 690-mile-long yard sale.

Wednesday is New Comics Day

Rich Barrett

Every Wednesday, I highlight the five most exciting comic releases of the week. The list may include comic books, graphic novels, digital comics and webcomics.

79 Common Mispronunciations

Breaking Bad Teasers Profile Walt, Jesse, and Hank [Sponsored]

It's almost time! The anticipation around the premiere of the 6th season of Breaking Bad is at full measure now.

10 Henry Ford Facts (That Have Almost Nothing to Do With Cars)

Erik van Rheenen

If Henry Ford were still around for his 150th birthday (July 30), he'd probably be exhausted of people talking about the Model T or his development of the assembly line.