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14 Powerful Facts About the Hoover Dam

Michael Arbeiter

The hulking Hoover Dam has been holding back the Colorado River and generating power for nearly 80 years, but you may be surprised to learn just how eventful its construction and naming were.

The Time Coke and Pepsi Brought Their Rivalry to Outer Space

Michele Debczak

The Cola Wars were so heated in the summer of 1985 that even NASA got involved.

All 50 States Reimagined as Food Puns

Rebecca OConnell

Oklahummus! Alahama! New Pork!

Pick the Only Three...

Take the quiz!

Young Readers With This Gene Variant Are Far More Likely to Be Nearsighted

Jordan Rosenfeld

A new study says that kids with a specific gene variant who read at least an hour a day are five times more likely to develop myopia.

13 Kick-Ass Facts About 'Wonder Woman'

Sarene Leeds

Agelessness may have been the warrior princess's greatest superpower of all.

What Is Pumpkin Spice?

April Daley

Pumpkin Spice flavoring has more than 300 elements — and pumpkin isn’t one of them.

The Plan to Build a “PopUp Forest” in Times Square

Michele Debczak

A miniature forest may be coming to the last place you’d expect.

New App Helps the Elderly Stay in Touch With Family

Alvin Ward

The HomeTeam app helps bridge the tech divide between generations.

12 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of the Gym

Jessica Hullinger

Gyms and the people who work for them have a nearly impossible mission.

You Can Now Juice With Your Pup

Kirstin Fawcett

You could try bringing Fido with you to SoulCycle, but this is probably a more practical option.

The New York Public Library Will Post 435,000 Historic Maps Online

Kirstin Fawcett

The documents show what Manhattan looked like in the 1850s.

Petting This Cute Caterpillar Could Send You To The Hospital

Suzanne Raga

Puss caterpillars look like furry friends, but that fuzz is venomous!

Young Traveler's Instagram Offers a Rare Look at Life in North Korea

Andrew LaSane

Tyler Pemberton, a Minneapolis native, took to Instagram to show off powerful images from his recent trip to Pyongyang.

7 Most Gorgeous Waterfalls in the World