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Casting Elliott in "E.T."

Chris Higgins

Weekend Links: What Color is “Marsala”?

Roma Panganiban

This Delightful Video Will Bring Out Your Inner Typophile

Rebecca OConnell

15 Delightfully Quirky Airports and Airstrips

Today is International Civil Aviation Day, which makes it the perfect time to celebrate some of the globe’s most amazing places to land.

7 Tricks Facial Recognition Technology Will Teach Your Computer

20 of Steven Wright's Funniest Jokes For His 59th Birthday

Amanda Green

Steven Wright once supposedly said, "I intend to live forever. So far, so good."

Weekend Links: Barbie’s Lifetime Résumé

Roma Panganiban

Morning Cup of Links: Soccer in Space

Miss Cellania

LEGO Battle of Hoth

Chris Higgins

The 'Friends' Episode Where the Girls Lose the Apartment

Can you answer the quiz questions from the episode where the girls lost their apartment?

5 Wild Ideas That Used to be Science

the mag

NYC Insects Eat a Lot of Food Waste

Erin McCarthy

10 Fun Facts About Nigersaurus

Mark Mancini

The Missing Links: The Sweet Science of Candy

Colin Patrick

What Is Your #WishForOthers This Holiday Season?