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This Red-Hot Knife Toasts Bread As it Slices

Hannah Keyser

5 Questions: Missouri Cities

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A Stormy History of Weather Reporting

Cynthia Barnett the mag

Over the years we’ve relied on talking sheep, girls in nighties, and glorified car salesmen to deliver us the weather. But behind the gimmicks, forecasters have always mattered.

15 ‘Pokémon’ Facts to Inspire You to Catch ‘Em All

Janet Burns

There are a few tidbits that even Professor Oak might not know about the beloved $2 billion franchise.

WWI Centennial: New Allied Attack at Gallipoli

Erik Sass

Japanese Elevators Could Come With Their Own Toilets Soon

Shaunacy Ferro

The Japanese government is considering a requirement that all elevators have plumbing for earthquake-trapped passengers.

The Woman Who Invented Aquariums

Shaunacy Ferro

Jeanne Villepreux-Power was a pioneer of cephalopod research, but her work has largely been forgotten.

Muir Woods' Tallest Tree Is Only 777 Years Old

Caitlin Schneider

The tallest tree in Muir Woods is half as old as researchers expected it to be.

How 15 Breweries Got Their Names

Christopher Osburn

The stories behind how 15 domestic breweries got their names.

This Scratch-Off Lottery Offers a 20-Year Supply of Bacon

Rebecca OConnell

14 Awesome Instagrams All Science Buffs Should Follow

Rebecca OConnell

These science-y Instagrams are the perfect thing to add new life to your feed.

4 People Who Built Your Computer

David W Brown

6 Incredible Lost Designs

the mag

Your apartment would look a lot different with this decor.

Flowers are Pharmacies for Sick Bees

Matt Soniak

The Missing Links: Goodbye to the Colbeard

Colin Patrick