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Underground Farm Opens Up in London's Abandoned World War II Bunkers

Shaunacy Ferro

Growing Underground is providing fresh produce to London markets from beneath the city.

Learn How to Make Your Own Wine

Sonia Weiser

Save money and impress your friends by serving them homemade vino.

Singapore Will Test Driverless Taxis

Shaunacy Ferro

MIT researchers hope to launch an autonomous electric taxi program in the next six months.

25 Indestructible Facts About The Terminator

Sean Hutchinson

He told you he’d be back.

Where Your Cat Wants to Be Petted, According to Science

Shaunacy Ferro

Go for the head, not the tail.

Amazon Could Be Building a Phone That Unlocks With Your Ear

Shaunacy Ferro

A patent indicates that ear-based privacy could be in the cards.

Magical Photographs of New Zealand Glowworms

Sonia Weiser

To take the long-exposure photos, Michael visited multiple limestone caves on New Zealand’s North Island.

13 Heartwarming Before and After Pictures of Adopted Cats

Hayley Harding

These photos show that a little love from humans can dramatically change a cat's life.

The Missing Links: A Tennis Ball Hit in Slow Motion

Colin Patrick

These Adidas Sneakers Are Made Out Of Ocean Trash

Hannah Keyser

Adidas is coming out with a new line of shoes made from ocean trash plastic.

The Village in Kazakhstan That Can't Stay Awake

Dan Lewis

Residents of Kalachi, Kazakhstan are falling asleep for days at a time—and no one seems to know why.

10 Dazzling Facts About Pangolins

Shaunacy Ferro

The endangered pangolin is one weird mammal.

The 1872 Equine Influenza Epidemic That Sickened Most U.S. Horses

Tara Smith

It’s estimated that greater than 75% of the horses in the US became ill from Horse Flu in 1872-73.

You Can Now Live in Julia Child's Old House

Sonia Weiser

Aspiring chefs and blowtorch enthusiasts, rejoice: You can now make meals (or heat up old leftovers) where celebrity chef Julia Child once cooked.

The Bricasso Prints Out LEGO Mosaics

Rebecca OConnell

Bricasso, which is also made of LEGO bricks, can scan images and recreate them using 1 x 1 pieces.