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Grave Sightings: Benjamin Harrison

Stacy Conradt

Thomas Jefferson's Version of the Declaration of Independence

Erin McCarthy

This Time Lapse of Ice Cream Melting is Totally Mesmerizing

Rebecca OConnell

9 Super-Presidential Marriages

Stacy Conradt

The only thing that could possibly be more stars-and-stripes than a post about U.S. presidents and American historical figures is a post that doubles up on them.

The First Fourth Of July Celebration (in 1777)

Hannah Keyser

The celebrations started just a year after the Declaration was ratified.

How Do Fireworks Get Their Colors?

Matt Soniak

It’s all about chemistry.

The U.S. Territories That Aren't States

Chris Higgins

Whale of a Quiz

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12 Awesome Spider Facts from a New Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History

Erin McCarthy

Spiders Alive! showcases 16 spider species (plus two scorpions and a vinegaroon!) and features live demonstrations and a spider model 50 times life size that you can climb on.

How the Criterion Collection Restored 'A Hard Day’s Night' for a Theater Near You

Sean Hutchinson

10 Clawed Facts About Therizinosaurus

Mark Mancini

If T. rex is the Citizen Kane of dinosaurs, Therizinosaurus and its kin are The Rocky Horror Picture Show: They’re strange-looking, slightly threatening, and command a dedicated fan base.

The Missing Links: A Visual Guide to Space Junk

Colin Patrick

6 Winners and Losers of Globe Making

Brett McGinness

Q&A: Chris Carter on The X-Files and 'The '90s: The Last Great Decade'

Rick Marshall

A lot can change in 15 years.

Animating Adam Savage's Workshop

Chris Higgins