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21 Predictions for 1993 from 1893

Lucas Reilly

They range from the grossly wrong to the freakishly prophetic.

A Photobombed Proposal: the Meteoric Rise of InTheWay Guy

Miss Cellania

How to Escape from Quicksand

Despite what every corny '70s adventure flick may have led you to believe, you’re unlikely to run into quicksand in your day-to-day life.

9 Photos of Comic-Con Cosplayers Eating

Jill Harness

You don't usually see the heroes of comic books, TV shows and video games going to the bathroom, eating, or sleeping.

How Many Titles Can One Monarch Have?

the mag

The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Alex Trebek!

Erin McCarthy

World War I Centennial: Turks Retake Adrianople, Bulgaria Asks for Peace

Erik Sass

The First 10 U.S. Patents

Lucas Reilly

Although most of the early "X-Patents" are lost, we have a barebones record of what used to be there, giving us a peek into what America’s earliest inventors were up to.

The Missing Links: Every City Is the Same

Colin Patrick

5 Horrifying Ways Plants Can Fight Back

Ben Eisenkop

Some plants have been slowly plotting their revenge.

First Trailer for New "Cosmos" Series Arrives

Chris Higgins

These Wetsuits Could Make You Invisible to Sharks

The Week

Surf's up.

25 Legit Words from the Hepcats Jive Talk Dictionary

Meg Boeni

Only a drip wouldn’t be storked for such a swellelegant little guide.

How Do Muslims Fast for Ramadan if There’s No Sunset?

Matt Soniak

4 Historical Royal Birthing Traditions

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

We can’t tell you happened in Kate Middleton's delivery room. But we can tell you what it was like for other historical royal women.