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Strange Geographies
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What Happens to Your Body During a Breakup?

Alvin Ward

Here's a quick primer on the science behind a broken heart.

What Smart TV Looked Like in 1995

Chris Higgins

Weekend Links: American Butterflies

Roma Panganiban

11 Hidden Waterfalls and Swimming Holes on the Ultimate Swimming Road Trip

Forget the water parks, ditch the public swimming pools, and bid farewell to your sprinkler.

The Great Authorial Hook-Up Chart

Rebecca OConnell

10 Sturdy Facts About Sauropelta

Mark Mancini

The Richest Town in Each State

Alvin Ward

The place with the highest median household income in each state.

The Missing Links: The Most Popular Cocktail In Each State

Colin Patrick

What Has Pleasantly Surprised You About Getting Older?

Jason English

On Fridays, we ask a bunch of unrelated questions. Your answers help get us through the afternoon. Answer one, answer all, or ask your own question. On to this week's topics...

The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Q&A: Daniel Radcliffe on Space Travel, Russian Literature, and Napoleon

Erin McCarthy the mag

Harry Potter might have worn the glasses, but the truth is it's Daniel Radcliffe who's a bit of a nerd.

11 Road Trip Destinations Where You Can Be Part of Breaking a World Record

If you can be at the right place at the right time, you can stake your claim to being a record-breaking legend.

Grave Sightings: Colonel Sanders

Stacy Conradt

After realizing that there are a lot of taphophiles out there, I’m finally putting my archive of interesting tombstones to good use.

30 Discoveries About Family History in Spanish Surnames

Judith B Herman

Some occupational surnames are transparent. Here are a few that are a bit less obvious.

33 Grocery Store Staples Named After Real People

Jennifer M Wood

From Duncan Hines to Chef Boyardee.