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Morning Cup of Links: Awful Roommates

Miss Cellania

15 Memorable ABC Movies of the Week

Kara Kovalchik

How many of these sometimes inspiring, sometimes cheesy movies do you remember?

5 Questions: Sunset Strip

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15 International Greeting Rituals Americans Should Adopt

Sean Hutchinson

Breathe some life into the tired hello.

15 Brilliant Life Hacks to Save You 15 Minutes Today

The only thing as delightful as saving money is saving sweet, sweet time. Spend a day following these easy tips, and you’ll find you’ve suddenly got more time to spend having fun.

15 Fantastic and Filthy Shakespearean Insults

Hannah Keyser

Whether he was coining new ones or stretching their meanings with double entendres, Shakespeare had a way with words.

Median Age Around the World

Alvin Ward

The world's youngest and oldest populations.

What School Computers Looked Like in 1991

Chris Higgins

Weekend Links: Literary Getaways

Roma Panganiban

What Happens to Your Body During a Breakup?

Alvin Ward

Here's a quick primer on the science behind a broken heart.

What Smart TV Looked Like in 1995

Chris Higgins

Weekend Links: American Butterflies

Roma Panganiban

11 Hidden Waterfalls and Swimming Holes on the Ultimate Swimming Road Trip

Forget the water parks, ditch the public swimming pools, and bid farewell to your sprinkler.

The Great Authorial Hook-Up Chart

Rebecca OConnell

10 Sturdy Facts About Sauropelta

Mark Mancini