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A new paper visualizes diverging opinions online.

11 of the FBI’s Most Amusing Bank Robber Nicknames

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The nicknames are supposed to be a tool for helping catch crooks, but it seems as if they’re really cooked up to keep special agents amused.

Is the Internet as Obsessed With Cats as We Think It Is?

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A new exhibit at NYC's Museum of the Moving Image explores the world wide web's feline fixation.

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Welcome to Lake Wobegon, where Garrison Keillor is turning 73 years old.

5 Ways Physical Gestures Influence Your Thinking

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Slouching affects more than just your back.

New Smartwatch Will Turn Texts Into Braille

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A moveable braille interface made of magnets and pins will allow visually-impaired users to see their phone data like never before.

Pooping on Airplanes Could Contribute to Public Health Research

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Scientists are analyzing toilet waste from long-distance flights to learn about international differences in the microbiome.

21 Interesting Words From David Foster Wallace's Vocabulary List

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He was always on the lookout for new words, which he kept in a growing file on his computer.

8 Calculator Watch Facts to Nerd Out Over

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Once upon a time, a calculator watch cost more a year at Harvard.

Missing Stradivarius Recovered After 35 Years

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Roman Totenberg told his daughters that the loss of the beloved instrument was like losing an arm.

Venomous Frogs Have Poison Spikes on Their Faces

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They’re the first frogs discovered to be venomous, not poisonous.

18 Most Relevant Words (By Candidate) from the GOP Debates

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Text analysis reveals the most relevant words for each candidate from the GOP debates

What’s The Right Way To Make A Bloody Mary?

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Archaeologists Discover Ancient Ritual Bath at a Kindergarten Construction Site

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The 2000-year-old mikveh bath was discovered in Jerusalem during the construction of a new kindergarten.