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Was Elvis Actually Any Good at Karate?

Nick Greene

20 French Phrases You Should Be Using

Paul Anthony Jones

The Most Popular Gifts for Mom and Dad in the Last 25 Years

Alvin Ward

Winston Churchill's 1932 Predictions for 50 Years Hence

Hannah Keyser

11 Tech Innovations That Make Hosting a Holiday Party a Breeze

8 Fun Ways Interactive Learning Can Improve Children's Literacy

5 Questions: "Orn"aments

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You Can Own This (Potentially Haunted) Antique Sword

Erin McCarthy

11 Blubbery Facts About Sperm Whales

Mark Mancini

Let’s dive into the mystique and majesty of these real-life leviathans.

A Cthulhu Christmas

Miss Cellania

The Missing Links: Science Explains Why You Want to Bite Cute Things

Colin Patrick

Jackie Chan, Master of Action Comedy

Chris Higgins

Jackie Chan is a master of both action and comedy. What makes him so good?

7 Harmful Things Flying Does To Your Body

Alvin Ward

Just stay home.

15 Snackable Nuggets for National Cookie Day

Amanda Green

Today is National Cookie Day! Grab some cookies and read up.

How Charles Dickens Fueled a World of Spontaneous Combustion Truthers

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